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2011 Spinetingler Award Best Novel: New Voice – WINNER

By Benjamin Whitmer

Well, this is sure as hell not something I expected, but somehow Pike won Spinetingler Magazine‘s award for Best Novel: New Voice. Of course, it may be because I was offering to buy drinks for anybody who voted for it over on Facebook, but, still, I’ll take it. I’m just stupid happy that enough people cared about the book to bother.

As always, I’m incredibly thankful for the generosity of the crime fiction community. Pike has been read by more folks and treated far kinder than I ever expected, and I can’t say how grateful I am for that. Nor would it be possible for me to say how much I appreciate the folks at PM Press — including Andrea Gibbons, Ramsey Kanaan, and Gary Phillips — for taking a chance on a novel that pretty much every crime fiction publisher in America said was unpublishable. The same goes for my agent, Gary Heidt, who stayed the course through all that rejection.

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