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20 Years in the Making

By Noel Ignatiev

Received the following letter from my old friend and comrade, Ed Voci:

“’Mississippi Missive, A Ballad About the Free State of Jones’” has occupied me off and on for 20 years. The song will be available very soon from Amazon, iTunes, eMusic and other on-line music vendors as well as from Woodstock Records. Play it LOUD!

“Thanks to Gina (for answering Levon’s call and waking me up), Francesca (for the Jones County photos on our way to Tulane University) and Renata (for singing Miss-Miss so beautifully to me). Thanks also to Noel Ignatiev and Ken Lawrence (mentors who introduced me to my Jones County heroes)  and special thanks to my musical heroes Kevin “Shinyribs” Russell and Aaron “Prof. Louie” Hurwitz.  Baci e abbracci a tutti.

“p.s. The best book on Jones County is by Victoria E. Bynum.  She will have a cameo appearance as a nurse in the movie due out at the end of this month.”

From the liner notes:

“a country soul rocking anthem for an amazing episode … a story of the Free State of Jones County [Mississippi] which took a heroic stand against a ‘rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight’ and for equality, an extraordinary armed rebellion against the Confederacy.”

Lyrics: Edward Voci

Music: Kevin Russell, Aaron L. Hurwitz

Recorded by Professor Louie and the Crowmatix

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