Sin Soracco

Sin Sorracco

Sin Soracco, author of Edge City, lives mostly in the Mission District of San Francisco and along the outer edges of madness on the Lower Russian River in Sonoma Country, California.

For Patrick Mark’s (of Green Arcade fame) interview with Sin excerpted from the book, click here

Edge City

Edge City

SKU: 9781604865035
Author: Sin Soracco
Publisher: PM Press/Green Arcade
ISBN: 9781604865035
Published: 11/2012
Format: Paperback
Size: 8.5 x 5.5
Page count: 200
Subjects: Fiction


“Brilliant…Edge City is truly an extraordinary book in every way: story, people, atmosphere, writing.”
—Hubert Selby, Jr., author of Last Exit to Brooklyn

“Sin Soracco cooks! Her writing is beyond hip—it struts and whistles down the last dark mile. Edge City, like her Low Bite, is the bad girl’s version of Mean Streets, an unbeatable double-feature for the fearless.”
—Barry Gifford, author of Wild at Heart

“Dark and sultry . . . an illuminating view of hell as a nightclub that never closes.”
New York Times

“Meandering through pools of booze and moments of tawdry sex and petty larceny, Soracco’s dense, bravura narrative is a triumph of (hard-boiled) style.”
Library Journal

“There are a number of writers today who are using the noir genre in creative and original ways, but there are fewer who have a truly original voice. Sin Soracco’s Edge City is one of those rare originals.”
—Glenn Harper, International Noir blog

Low Bite

Low Bite

SKU: 9781604862263
Author: Sin Soracco
Publisher: PM Press/The Green Arcade
ISBN: 9781604862263
Published: 5/2010
Format: Paperback
Page count: 144
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Subjects: Fiction


“Vicious, funny, cunning, ruthless, explicit…a tough original look at inside loves and larcenies.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Where else can you find the grittiness of girls-behind-bars mixed with intelligence, brilliant prose, and emotional ferocity? Sin Soracco sets the standard for prison writing. Hardboiled and with brains!”
–Peter Maravelis, editor of San Francisco Noir 1 and 2

“Tells a gripping story concerning a group of women in a California prison:  their crimes, their relationships, their hopes and dreams.”
Publishers Weekly

“Sin Soracco is the original Black Lizard. Low Bite will take a chunk out of your leg if not your heart. Read it, it will devour you.”
–Barry Gifford, author Port Tropique; founder of Black Lizard Books

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