Nicky Garratt

Nicky Garratt

Born in Leicestershire, England in 1955, Nicky Garratt is an internationally recognized guitar player and vegetarian chef. In 1977, he released his first recording (live from the infamous Roxy club in London) with his punk rock band UK Subs. Success followed with five nationally charting albums and eight singles. Thirty years later the band won a BBC poll as the world’s best punk rock band beating out the Ramones, the Clash, and the Sex Pistols. A thirteen-year leave of absence from the band saw Garratt building a successful record company (New Red Archives) while moving from New York to California.

Over the past forty years he has been an outspoken advocate for Science and Animal Rights, and is active on the lecture circuit on science advocacy topics. He now spends time between homes in San Francisco and Quedlinburg, Germany.

Mango & Mint: Arabian, Indian, and North African Inspired Vegan Cuisine

Mango & Mint: Arabian, Indian, and North African Inspired Vegan Cuisine

SKU: 9781604863239
Author: Nicky Garratt
Publisher: PM Press/Tofu Hound
ISBN: 9781604863239
Published: 6/2013
Format: Paperback
Size: 7 x 10
Page count: 256
Subjects: Cookbook–Vegan


“The recipes I tried are exceptional. The peanut vada have an addictively complex flavor I haven’t found in restaurant versions. The longan and onion chutney flat out kicks ass! And Mr. Garratt claims he’s not a chef? It takes a creative chef with a mastery of Indian spices to put together such a balanced chutney. I’m stealing this for Millennium!” —Eric Tucker, executive chef, Millennium Restaurant, San Francisco

“Nicky’s fire-roasted baba ghanoush was absolutely amazing. Without doubt the best I’ve ever tasted.” —M. Green, general manager, Blue Table Restaurant, Los Angeles

“Nicky Garratt’s knowledge of Indian/Arabic cuisine, and specifically the spices used in its preparation, is vast indeed.”
—A. McMullan, award-winning chef, San Francisco

“Nicky’s meals inspire the realization that vegetarian food need not be dull to the eye or bland to the palate, and I recommend this excellent cookbook to anyone who wishes make such an agreeable discovery for themselves.”
—Alvin Gibbs, bassist of the UK Subs

“All of the dishes hold unexpected surprises, like a kiss of smoke in the eggplant or a bright acidity in the lentils”.
—Jonah Oakden, Boulevard Restaurant, San Francisco

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