Jen Angel

Jen Angel

Jen Angel has been a writer and media activist for over 15 years. Jen’s publishing history includes Clamor, publishing the Zine Yearbook, and editing MaximumRockNRoll. She is a founding board member of Allied Media Projects, a non-profit independent media advocacy organization and a contributing editor to Yes! Magazine. Since leaving Clamor, she has worked as a producer for KPFA Radio, and a publicist and tour manager through the cooperative booking agency, Aid & Abet. 

Becoming the Media: A Critical History of Clamor Magazine

Becoming the Media: A Critical History of Clamor Magazine

SKU: 9781604860221
Author: Jen Angel
Publisher: PM Press
ISBN: 9781604860221
Published: 4/2008
Format: Pamphlet, mobi, ePub, PDF
Page count: 40
Size: 8.5 x 5.5
Subjects: Media, Activism


“An excellent piece. I learned a great deal from reading it. I think it’s a great contribution that lots of folks will find very useful in future projects, and not just media projects.” —Max Elbaum, author, Revolution in the Air

“An extremely valuable resource, and very well done.” — Jordan Flaherty, Left Turn Magazine

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