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Your Vital Role in the Uprising

A Radical Guide

A Radical Guide, in collaboration with Move to Amend, Adbusters, and Cool World is thrilled to invite you to, “Your Vital Role in the Uprising: A discussion inspired by the ‘Manifesto for World Revolution’.” This event is proudly co-sponsored by PM Press. It will address the critical themes of the Manifesto, focusing on the hidden costs of production and the urgent need to dismantle corporate power for a sustainable and equitable future.

About the Discussion:

Our panel will explore practical strategies for dismantling oppressive economic and environmental systems. We aim to move from understanding these issues to actively engaging in the necessary changes. Our panelists will offer their insights and experiences to motivate and mobilize collective action towards radical social change.

Gord Hill, Indigenous writer, artist, and activist from the Kwakwaka’wakw nation, renowned for his significant contributions to the literature on Indigenous resistance.

William I Robinson, Professor of Sociology at UCSB, whose work effectively links scholarly research with global struggles for social justice.

Daniel Lee, trailblazer and former Mayor of Culver City, who has implemented groundbreaking social and environmental reforms.

Jennie Spanos (she/her) is a Co-Director of Move to Amend. As a journalist, she observed the immense stranglehold corporate power exerts over our government and communities. This experience shaped her perspective and fostered a deep passion and focus in her organizing work on environmental, social and economic justice issues leading her to collaborate with various intersectional grassroots movements building for a just and sustainable future. “The power reaped from the insane notion of corporate constitutional rights exists in tandem with structural oppression, and environmental degradation and is found as a cause of so many injustices.”

Kat Dodds is CEO and founding partner of Cool.World platform, developed to help organize around climate, democracy, and economic and racial justice. Former editor, spoof-ad director, and marketing manager at Adbusters turned Impact Producer in 1999 when she oversaw all marketing for The Corporation (2003) winner of 26 international awards and Canada’s top grossing documentary. She currently manages worldwide distribution rights for The Corporation and Manufacturing Consent, and the non-theatrical rights for The New Corporation (2020).

Hosted by A Radical Guide and Move to Amend, join this conversation as we outline, discuss, and craft pathways toward a future that respects our planet and its people. I am looking forward to having you join us!