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SHARPer Than Knives

By The International Anti-Fascist Defense Fund
February 17th, 2024

As we’ve mentioned previously, openly holding “leftist” views (like racism = an evil that must be eradicated) in a country as tulmultous as Colombia can put a target on your back. Such was the case for six members of SHARP (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice) Bogotá, who found themselves outnumbered by knife-wielding neo-nazis at a concert earlier this year. And not just any neo-nazis – these particular boneheads were from the CRN Radical Nationalist Commando (formerly Tercera Fuerza) – a far-right extremist terror outfit with connections in police, military, and political circles.

Despite the odds being against them and facing well-armed opponents, our SHARP friends managed to effectively defend themselves, sustaining no serious injuries while at least one of the fascist boneheads went home in an ambulance.

What happened next is the same tired script we’ve seen over and over again, around the world – when the fascists fail to live up to their fearsome reputation as violent thugs and lose fights as badly as the case at-hand, they run crying to their friends in the police. Now our six friends find themselves fighting an opponent just as vicious as the nazis – the Colombian police and so-called criminal justic system!

That kind of battle takes resources beyond the means of your average anti-racist skinhead in Bogotá, so a call went out internationally to back them up. The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund responded, as did dozens of others from around the world (according to their crowdfunder). Shortly after, the Bogotá crew reached out to us, saying “We thank those that helped and were concerned with the situation. Long live Antifascist skinheads! Long live SHARP!” We hope our friends come out of their fight in the courts as decisively as they did their fight in the concert hall!