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Akilah S Richards: Connection and Rehumanizing

We can’t keep using tools of oppression and expect to raise free people. Akilah S. Richards founded Raising Free People Network as a media and collaboration hub for her inquiries, efforts, findings, and community organizing at the intersection of privilege, parenting, and power. “I love to facilitate discussions on the intersection of privilege, mindful parenting, and power dynamics. This applies to life at home, community co-operatives, and in work settings, and I’ve facilitated and delivered talks that center these energies in many places across the United States, the Caribbean, and in South Africa.” The Radical Recovery Summit is a free virtual summit held annually, featuring innovators in the field of trauma and addiction recovery through a social justice lens. We heal trauma by resourcing: we build resilience and strength in our nervous system through direct experience of safe enough connection with others AND by bringing in joy. In 2024, we are exploring what lights us up! What brings you joy and connection?