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Zweig on “Class, Race, and Gender”; Who “Oppenheimer” left out

By Chris Garlock and Elise Bryant
Labor Heritage Power Hour
Broadcast on November 9, 2023

“Class is about power,” says professor Michael Zweig, whose new book, “Class, Race, and Gender: Challenging the Injuries and Divisions of Capitalism” will be out later this month. He’ll be at the Shirlington Busboys and Poets on Sunday, November 12 at 6p; RSVP here.
The summer blockbuster “Oppenheimer” generated a lot of interest in the history of how nuclear weapons were developed in the United States, but the film leaves out an important part of this history: the sacrifice made by tens of thousands of workers in the production of our country’s nuclear weapons arsenal. From the Heartland Labor Forum, a conversation with Tina Cordova, co-founder of the Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium.

Plus: The first integrated general strike in U.S. history, on Labor History in 2:00. 

Produced by Chris Garlock; engineered by Mike Nasella & Kahlia Chapman.

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