The Radical Imagination of Sex Workers

By Firestorm Coop
April 20th, 2023

Editor Matilda Bickers is joined by Camille and Monty Monster Slayer, two contributors to “Working It: Sex Workers on the Work of Sex”—a fiercely intelligent, fantastically transgressive portrait of the lives of sex workers—to discuss the industry, the impacts of criminalization, sex worker art, workplace organizing, and the challenge of abolitionism.


“Working It” is an intimate portrait of the lives of sex workers. A polyphonic story of triumph, survival, and solidarity this collection showcases the vastly different experiences and interests of those who have traded sex; among them a brothel worker in Australia, First Nation survivors of the Canadian child welfare system, and an afro-latina single parent raising a radicalized child. Packed with first-person essays, interviews, poetry, drawings, mixed-media collage, and photographs Working It honors the complexity of lived experience. Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hardboiled, these dazzling pieces will go straight to the heart.

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