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Abolition In Practice: The George Floyd Uprising

By Firestorm Coop

Members of Vortex Group share and reflect on their recently published collection of writings from one of the biggest uprisings in half a century—discussing the revolutionary spirit of 2020, its composition, its internal limitations, the impact of rumors, and the role of tactics and guns.

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Written during the riots, “The George Floyd Uprising” is a compendium of the most radical writing to come out of that long, hot summer. These incendiary dispatches—from those on the frontlines of the struggle—examines the revolt and the obstacles it confronted. It paints a picture of abolition in practice, discusses how the presence of weapons in the uprising and the threat of armed struggle play out in an American context, and shows how the state responds to and pacifies rebellions.

Arturo Castillon is a writer and substitute teacher living in Philadelphia. With Shemon Salam he is the co-author of “The Revolutionary Meaning of the George Floyd Uprising” (Daraja Press, 2021), has published work in “The George Floyd Uprising” (PM Press, 2023), as well as in “Black Quantum Futurism: Space-Time Collapse II” (The AfroFuturist Affair/House of Future Sciences Books, 2020).

Ryan is an artist, writer, and international woman of mystery.

Vortex Group is a collective of writers who desire an end to this world and the beginning of a new one.