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Open Source, DIY Medicine with Four Thieves Vinegar on The Final Straw Radio

The Final Straw Radio

This week on the show, we’re sharing an interview with Mixael Laufer of the 4 Thieves Vinegar Collective about the the group, building scientific competency, biohacking, authority, intellectual property… oh boy there’s a lot there. Mixael also speaks about some of the projects that 4 Thieves has on offer, including a do it yourself AED setup for defribulation, misoprostol-soaked business cards for self-inducing abortions, instructions for laboratory tools, finding other applications for existing drugs, Long COVID and more.

We’ll be stating this a few times during this episode, but Mixael Laufer is not licensed to offer medical advice and his opinions are his own.

We hope you enjoy this interview and you can check out the project at, where you can find a growing collection of introductory videos about their work starting Monday, March 13th, 2023 around noon.

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