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Eileen Gunn’s Night Shift in True Review

By Andrew Andrews
True Review

NIGHT SHIFT is a fascinating collection of stories and essays from an unpredictable author.

“Ursula and the Author” is a tribute to Ursula K. LeGuin and how LeGuin’s story, “The Author of the Acacia Seeds, and Other Extracts from the JOURNAL OF THE ASSOCIATION OF THEROLINGUISTICS” in Terry Carr’s anthology, BEST SCIENCE FICTION OF THE YEAR No. 4, turned Gunn on to SF.

“After the Thaw.” When your consciousness is uploaded into something other than human, what do you do?

Gunn wrote a lovely tribute to the real author and editor himself in “The Quiet Gardner Dozois.”

She reveals her appreciation for good poets in “Promised Lands.”

And Gunn gives us a gritty, realistic look at what the world of asteroid mining would be like in “Night Shift at Nanogobblers.”

Gunn has a way of making her imagined worlds so real you could reach out and touch them, giving the reader a real lived-in feel to her worlds and a deeply insightful understanding of her characters.

Gunn has a sparkling interview with Terry Bisson, with Gunn’s own additional comments and personal tributes to inspiring writers such as Joanna Russ and Carol Emshwiller.