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Challenging Capitalist Modernity IV: We want our world back!

Resist, Reclaim and Rebuild— Conference and Call for Papers

Conference Invitation

Call for a collective stance to demand our world back!

This is a call to all those who are struggling for a free life and an end to all forms of exploitation. A call to gather together to demand an end to the destruction of our world and the environment. A call to gather together to put a stop to femicide, epistemicide, societycide, and genocide.

Our world has never before seen such a rate of destruction. In the last hundred years, not only are different languages and cultures dying off, but every day numerous plants and animals become extinct.

Capitalist modernity and its source, patriarchy, have brought us not only to the brink of the destruction of human society as we know it but also of our world. However, it is not all hopeless, if we take a collective stance, we may come out of the chaos with a better civilization — democratic civilization — but only if we do something about it now. We do not need to search for another world elsewhere; we want our world back!

Dear Friends,

You may have participated in one of our past three conferences: “Challenging Capitalist Modernity I: Alternative Concepts and the Kurdish Case,” in 2012; “Challenging Capitalist Modernity II: Dissecting Capitalist Modernity — Building Democratic Confederalism,” in 2015; or “Challenging Capitalist Modernity III: Uncovering Democratic Modernity — Resistance, Rebellion and Building the New,” in 2017. For three days, hundreds of students, intellectuals, activists, and movements came together and discussed not only the things they were critical of or the existing obstacles, but also how these obstacles can be overcome and what alternatives these criticisms give rise to. Many ideas from around the world and from the Kurdish freedom movement, and in particular its key thinker, Abdullah Öcalan, came together to strengthen our collective understanding and practice.

In 2019, we were in dialogue and discussion with many people around the world to determine what the fourth conference should discuss. However, due to Covid 19, we had to postpone this conference. Now, we are excited to announce that we will convene under the name “Challenging Capitalist Modernity IV: We want our world back — Resist, Reclaim and Rebuild.” The fourth conference will take place on the 2023 Easter weekend, April 7–9, in Hamburg/Germany.

However due to Covid 19, we had to postpone this conference, but we are now very happy to announce that the fourth conference will take place on the 2023 Easter weekend, April 7-9, in Hamburg/Germany.

At this fourth conference, we will continue to focus on the critique of capitalist modernity, but our discussions have shown us that it is more important than ever to discuss alternatives, organize and educate ourselves. Thus, the main theme of this year’s conference will focus on rebuilding: Arts, Education, and building Democratic Confederalism.

As with each conference; we would like to give substantial time to possible solutions and alternatives. This year we will continue with the traditions of “Call for Papers” and “Call for Workshops”. There will be a call for both on the website. There will also be a call for interpreters, as the conference will once again be multilingual. Please check the website for updated information.

The past three conferences not only brought together leading intellectuals but also gave young activists, students, and scholars a chance to present their ideas. In this fourth conference, we want to once again build bridges between different communities and movements in Kurdistan and worldwide.

Technical Information

Date: 7–9 April 2023

Place: University of Hamburg, Audimax.

Translation: Simultaneous in Kurdish, English, German, Turkish; possibly Italian, Spanish and/or French.

Food: Lunch is 3 € for registered participants; tea, coffee, and water will also be available.

Livestream: The entire conference will be streamed in several languages.

Cultural activities: There will be cultural activities on Saturday evening.

Accommondation: Sleeping in private homes at no extra cost between April 6–10, 2023

Registration is now open; register early to secure a place. Registration cost 20 € for students/unemployed and 30€ for others requested to defray the expenses of the conference

Please register at [email protected], and tell us if you need accommodation. This is required for smoother registration on the day and to secure an accommodation.