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Sparks In-Between — with Scott Branson

Grounded Futures Show

Scott Branson, a Jewish transfemme anarchist writer and artist, joined carla and Uli for an inspiring virtual walk to think (and feel) together. They go deep into Trans worlding and talk pathways to gender abolition, discovering voice, embracing not knowing, sampling ideas, learning through play and making mistakes, practical anarchism, and more! This joyful conversation covers a lot of ground, including a poetry reading!


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Practical Anarchism: A Daily Guide 

Gay Liberation after May 68

The Abolition of Prison

How I Became a Genre Bender and Found a Voice

Women on the Edge of Time

The Dispossessed  

The Earthsea Trilogy 

Witch Hat Atelier 

“We study with any person who can teach us.” — Marge Piercy, Woman on the Edge of Time

Favourite quote by Ursula K, Le Guin:

 “But he had not brought anything. His hands were empty, as they had always been.” — the Dispossessed


Scott’s Poem that they read: 

where had we left you?

a long necked white creature

bobbing in the distance

on the lake

it was clear we had overlooked

the mysteries of the world

so white i wondered how it kept clean

in polluted waters

i can’t wear white pants without staining

the sun doesn’t cause waves but lets us see them

and the lake ripples into this white protuberance

a child’s drawing of a sea dinosaur smiling

so happy to be here

where had we left you?

but that’s the best we could have done

on the pier no one sees

she swims unnoticed

except by me, in my quick glance,

and i decide to avert my eyes

and let her be