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A fictionalized retelling of a real riot and ugly history in a extremely engaging and thoughtful way. Beautifully illustrated, and ever-timely, it’s a great read which will push readers to make connections to today’s accelerating rise of fascist groups.
Hate what modern football has become? Sick of all the money and the corruption of FIFA and the BS of holding the World Cup in Qatar? This book will remind you that “The Beautiful Game” can still be beautiful. —Dan

Two quintessential San Francisco Bay Area books that illuminate how what goes down in the beautiful Bay has global reverberations: from Big Tech (ie the Pentagon) to the intertwinings of politics and culture (ie why you can’t talk about Angela Davis without the Grateful Dead – and vice versa!). —Ramsey

Kropotkin was truly one of the greatest anarchists formerly known as Prince. These definitive editions of his most important works published 100 years after his death are a great collection for any new or old friend of anarchy! –Lover of cats and the beautiful idea

Signal: A Journal of International Political Graphics and Culture is the best series on the intersection of art, social movements, and radical politics I’ve ever encountered. Edited by longtime movement artists and cofounders of the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative Josh MacPhee and Alec Dunn, Signal is my go-to when anyone asks for books on art and revolution.

Kuwasi Balagoon was a queer, black, anarchist militant who took up arms against the white-supremacist state during the Black Liberation struggle in the 1960s. A Soldier’s Story paints a vivid picture of the life and times of Balagoon with contributions by those who knew him best as well as essays, letters, and court statements by Balagoon himself. If you want inspiration for how to fight fascism and white supremacy, this is the book for you.—Steven
Adventure Capitalism by Raymond Craib is a darkly fun and insightful look at the circular, hyper-individualist logic driving our techno feudal overlords in their quest to save the world from and for themselves. My favorite bit was Operation Atlantis, a libertarian utopia (geodesic dome on a raft) that was launched – and immediately sank – into the Hudson river, was repaired and re-launched, and then finally destroyed in a Caribbean hurricane. —Eriksen (PM NY Warehouse Goon)
“Work sucks, I know,” notes the Blink 182 song. We all feel the suckiness of work, but doing something about it is trickier. Abolish Work is one step toward a solution. —Andy
No other popular work audience reveals the connection between law, racist representation, and violence like this one. Pilgrim’s work along with the great many on-line resources helps us see Jim Crow as a really existing brutal (capitalist) social system, not just a metaphor. —Andy
A fantastic account (and exciting read!) of the most notorious French anarchists ever, and as bank expropriators even the inventors of the motorized “getaway.” Comrades, get ready for a hell-of-a-ride. —Stephanie
Be inspired by this tale of Working-class solidarity at its best.—Joey

Two examplars of how there’s nothing like literature to get to grips with, around, and inbetween, the big ideas in life. —Ramsey

An important and engaging book about the models of communality, care, and hope with examples including the Zapatista movement in Chiapas, the Democratic Autonomy Movement in Rojava, indigenous movements in defense of the commons, the solidarity economy movement, and efforts to create liberated base communities and affinity groups within anarchism and other radical social movements.
My Mom Had an Abortion is a funny, touching, and honest graphic novel told by an actual teenager about their confusing and evolving understanding of abortion. This book is perfect for young people and comic lovers alike, and fantastic for those who may need a lighter take on a serious issue and a reminder about how important quality political education is for young people. Get a copy. Hell, get ten copies and give them to everyone you know!
Don’t let the daunting title fool you, these three long-form essays by Bob Ostertag are at once both hilarious and revelatory. Discussing how modern day technology affects humans across the globe and the ways we interact with each other and the natural world. —Dan
A penetrating and heavy 880 pages, this reworked staple of British working class literature, is as eye-opening and engaging. Known to most as a designer and craftsman (you have seen his wallpaper even if you know nothing else about him), what surprises and delights in powerful biography is the excavation of his thought, politics, and commitment to struggle against imperialism.
What Is Anarchism?: An Introduction is like that mixtape you make with just the best songs to introduce someone to amazing music that they might understand or appreciate…yet. This clear and concise introduction to a widely misunderstood political theory contains short selections by the many of the important anarchist thinkers and practitioners. Get it for anyone who has ever thought, “What is anarchism?”
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Know your roots! —Joey