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Self-Determination and Power

Reflecting on the waves of resistance and insurgency in Scotland over the past few decades, here’s a powerful reminder of the need for solidarity and independent thinking. Here’s film from the Self-Determination and Power event from the Pearce Institute in Govan, Glasgow in January 1990 featuring Noam Chomsky.

The Self-Determination and Power event was organised by a loose alliance of the Free University of Glasgow, the Edinburgh Review, then under the editorship of James Kelman advocate Peter Kravitz, and Scottish Child magazine, edited by Rosemary Milne.

The film includes the talk by Chomsky and extensive interview with Jim Kelman on Common Sense philosophy and the “right to self-determination” and readings from Hamish Henderson and Tom Leonard and others.

See also ‘A reading from Noam Chomsky and the Scottish tradition in the philosophy of Common Sense’ by Kelman here.

With thanks to City Strolls. Film produced by Street Level streetlevelphotoworks.org