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Michael Moorcock celebrates the release of ELRIC: CITADEL OF FORGOTTEN MYTHS

One of our favourite recurring guests, legendary fantasy author Michael Moorcock, returns to Forbidden Planet TV for a late-night conversation with Andrew Sumner about many things, beginning with the publication of his long-awaited Elric novel: The Citadel of Forgotten Myths. Mike tells Sumner how he’s feeling about his first new Elric tale for 12 years – before getting into a wide-ranging conversation about many things: the essence of creativity; the glorious elasticity of the human liver; Mike’s dark times writing Byzantium Endures; the potentially corrosive effect of hero worship; Lewis Shiner’s rock & roll novels; Lemmy’s autobiography White Line Fever; hanging out at The Flamingo Club in 60s Soho; the brilliance of Georgie Fame & Zoot Money; Ian McLagan’s autobiography All The Rage; Moorcock & Sumner’s podcast series (Michael Moorcock’s Multiverse) and Titan Comics’ beautiful ongoing Michael Moorcock Library archive edition graphic novels.

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THE CITADEL OF FORGOTTEN MYTHS Elric along with his companion Moonglum return, in this prequel set within the early days of Elric’s wanderings, in order to investigate the history of Melniboné and its dragons, known as the Phroon, in this exciting new addition to the Elric Saga from World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Award winner Michael Moorcock. Elric is the estranged emperor of the Melnibonéan empire, struggling with his nature while desperately striving to move forward with his dying empire alongside the constant thirst of his soul-sucking sword, Stormbringer.

Elric is on the hunt for the great Citadel of Forgotten Myths while traveling through the remnants of his empire with his tragic best friend Moonglum, as Elric seeks the answers to the nature of the phroon of The Young Kingdoms. Taking place between the first and second book in the Elric Saga, The Citadel of Forgotten Myths is perfect for longtime fans and those new to this epic fantasy series.

THE MICHAEL MOORCOCK LIBRARY ELRIC OF MELNIBONÉ (BY ROY THOMAS, MICHAEL T GILBERT & P. CRAIG RUSSELL) Collecting the first volume of the classic 1980’s comic adaptation of the Elric of Melniboné novels by fantasy legend Michael Moorcock. Bear witness to the story of Elric, Lord of Melniboné; his dark cousin – the evil Yyrkoon; their dark magics; and their terrible struggle for rule of the fabled Emerald Isle!

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