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PM Press moves to Binghamton

by: Jim Ehmke
NewsChannel 34
Posted: Mar 10, 2022 / 05:16 PM EST

BINGHAMTON, NY – A west coast book publisher has relocated to Binghamton in search of a better business climate.

P-M Press moved into its new warehouse and distribution center on Emma Street at the beginning of this year.

Founded in Oakland in 2007, P-M outgrew its facility and decided the cost of living was too high in California to expand there.

P-M specializes in left of center publications focused on a wide variety of topics from history and politics to music and culture.

It produces and also distributes hard and soft cover and e-books with roughly half of its sales coming from direct to customer retailing.

Publisher Ramsay Kanaan says that distribution model helped it continue its growth despite the pandemic.

“When the book trade, like the rest of the economy, ceased to exist for 2 or 3 months, when even people like Amazon ceased to ship books because they were too busy making money out of selling everyone toilet paper at exorbitant prices, we were able to basically carry on as before,” says Kanaan.

Kanaan says the Binghamton site will be the main site for its national and international distribution with Oakland being relegated to west coast distribution.

He says plans are underway to add an events space at the warehouse for live performances including music and poetry.

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