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Abortion Pills Forever —

By Shout Your Abortion

Dear Friends,

Join us JANUARY 22nd, online and irl, for Abortion Pills Forever, Part II.

Saturday, January 22nd is the anniversary of Roe v Wade. We know that the Supreme Court is poised to decimate abortion rights, either through outright overturning Roe, or by continuing to wear the law down until it becomes meaningless. It’s time to make sure our communities know about abortion pills and let the world know that we are having abortions NO MATTER WHAT the court says.

   Download free materials like this 3-color highway sign the Shout Your Abortion our website. 

We are getting loud on the 22nd and need your help. 
  You can join us by downloading our free Abortion Pills Forever Kit available at the SYA site! This toolkit has tons of free assets, including posters, stencils, social media graphics, and more. Have SYA swag? Wear it on the 22nd, take a photo, and tag us. We absolutely encourage you to make your own SYA swag around Abortion Pills Forever! Stealing is welcome! Just let the world know about abortion pills in any way you can.

   Download this sticker graphic at the Shout Your Abortion website. 

Share your work online on the day of the anniversary and tag us with the following:

IG: @Shout Your Abortion 


Now is not a time for solemn commemoration, for despair, or even a time to wait to see what the court does next. Now is the time to share life-saving info. We are telling the world about abortion pills on January 22nd. Please join us!!!!