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The Fascist Groove Thing: A History of Thatcher’s Britain in 21 Mixtapes— Track listings of the ‘mixtapes’ listed in the book:

Mixtape 1: The Grocer’s Daughter

Sex Pistols, “Anarchy in the UK” (1976)

Sex Pistols, “God Save the Queen” (1977)

The Mekons, “Never Been in a Riot” (1978)

David Bowie, “Fashion” (1980)

UB40 “One in Ten” (1981)

The Specials, “Ghost Town” (1981)

Madness, “Grey Day” (1981)

Instant Automatons, “Nothing Ever Happens to Me” (1981)

Frankie Goes to Hollywood, “Relax” (1983)

Serious Drinking, “The Revolution Starts at Closing Time” (1983)

Chaotic Dischord, “Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck the Lot of You” (1983)

ABC, “United Kingdom” (1983)

Subhumans, “Reality Is Waiting for a Bus” (1983)

The Macc Lads, “Buenos Aires” (1983)

Osibisa, “Too Much Going On” (1984)

Howard Jones, “Don’t Always Look at the Rain” (1984)

Vice Squad, “You’ll Never Know” (1984)

The Jazz Butcher, “The Jazz Butcher v The Prime Minister” (1985)

Conflict, “This Is Not Enough” (1985)

The Style Council, “Walls Come Tumbling Down” (1985)

Tears for Fears, “Shout” (1985)

Television Personalities, “Grocers Daughter” (1986)

The Smiths, “Panic” (1986)

The Membranes, “Everything’s Brilliant” (1986)

Chumbawamba, “Rock ‘n’ Roles” (1986)

Terminus, “Propaganda War” (1986)

Billy Bragg, “The Home Front” (1986)

Momus, “I Was a Maoist Intellectual” (1988)

Conflict, “Let the Battle Commence” (1988)

Easterhouse, “This Country” (1989)

The Pogues, “White City” (1989)

Mixtape 2: Do Not Push Pineapple

The Wombles, “The Wombling Song” (1973)

The Wurzels, “The Combine Harvester (Brand New Key)” (1976)

The Jam, “That’s Entertainment” (1980)

The Four Bucketeers, “The Bucket of Water Song” (1980)

Jon Pertwee, “Worzel’s Song” (1980)

Brown Sauce, “I Wanna Be a Winner” (1981)

Alexei Sayle, “Ullo John! Gotta New Motor?” (1982)

The Firm, “Arthur Daley (E’s Alright)” (1982)

Keith Harris and Orville, “Orville’s Song” (1982)

Tracey Ullman, “They Don’t Know” (1983)

Kenny Everett, “Snot Rap” (1983)

Roland Rat Superstar, “Rat Rapping” (1983)

Subhumans, “Rats” (1983)

Conflict, “Stop the City” (1984)

Black Lace, “Agadoo” (1984)

Alvin Stardust, “I Feel Like Buddy Holly” (1984)

Spitting Image “The Chicken Song” (1986)

Claire and Friends, “It’s ‘Orrible Being in Love (When You’re 8 ½)” (1986)

The Firm, “Star Trekkin” (1987)

The Timelords, “Doctorin’ The Tardis” (1988)

Harry Enfield, “Loadsamoney” (1988)

Mixtape 3: Poxy Factories

The Strawbs, “Part of the Union” (1973)

The Clash “Career Opportunities” (1977)

Sex Pistols “Seventeen” (1977)

Chelsea “Right to Work” (1977)

Sham 69, “I Don’t Wanna” (1977)

Steel Pulse, “Handsworth Revolution” (1978)

The Mekons “32 Weeks” (1978)

The Skids, “Charles” (1978)

Suburban Studs, “I Hate School” (1978)

The Fall, “Bingo-Master’s Break-Out” (1978)

Madness, “Land of Hope and Glory” (1979)

Elvis Costello & The Attractions, “Oliver’s Army” (1979)

Crass, “Do They Owe Us a Living?” (1979)

Pink Floyd, “Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)” (1979)

Scissor Fits, “I Don’t Want to Work for British Airways” (1979)

Linton Kwesi Johnson, “Inglan Is a Bitch” (1980)

Madness, “Baggy Trousers” (1980)

Elvis Costello & The Attractions, “Secondary Modern” (1980)

Soft Cell, “Frustration” (1981)

UB40, “So Here I Am” (1981)

The Members, “Working Girl” (1982)

Abrasive Wheels, “Burn ‘Em Down” (1982)

The Diagram Brothers, “My Dinner” (1982)

Soft Cell, “Forever the Same” (1983)

The Kinks, “Young Conservatives” (1983)

The Mob, “Raised in a Prison” (1983)

The Smiths, “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” (1984)

Subhumans, “Apathy” (1985)

Pet Shop Boys, “Opportunities” (1985)

Newtown Neurotics, “Fighting Times” (1985)

We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use It, “Rules and Regulations” (1986)

The Godfathers, “Birth School Work Death” (1987)

Happy Mondays, “Lazyitis” (1988)

Mixtape 4: Dirty Work

The Wailers, “Get Up, Stand Up” (1973)

The Clash, “White Riot” (1977)

Steel Pulse, “Handsworth Revolution” (1978)

New Hearts, “Revolution (What Revolution)” (1978)

The Clash, “The Clampdown” (1979)

Linton Kwesi Johnson, “Reality Poem” (1979)

Misty in Roots, “Sodome and Gomorra” (1979)

The Clash, “The Guns of Brixton” (1979)

Secret Affair, “Time for Action” (1979)

The Clash, “Rudie Can’t Fail” (1979)

Purple Hearts, “Millions Like Us” (1979)

The Slits, “Shoplifting” (1979)

Aswad, “Judgement Day” (1979)

The Clash, “Bankrobber” (1980)

The Exploited, “Army Life” (1980)

Judas Priest, “Breaking the Law” (1980)

Poison Girls, “Dirty Work” (1980)

The Clash, “The Call Up” (1980)

UB40 “Don’t Let It Pass You By” (1981)

The Beat, “Get-a-Job” (1981)

Miles over Matter, “Something’s Happening Here” (1981)

UB40 “Present Arms” (1981)

The Apostles, “Pigs for Slaughter” (1982)

The Clash, “Know Your Rights” (1982)

UB40 “Don’t Do the Crime” (1982)

Misty in Roots, “Poor and Needy” (1983)

Chumbawamba, “Work” (1983)

The Alarm, “Declaration” (1984)

Poison Girls, “Take the Toys from the Boys” (1984)

Abacush, “Batta Dem” (1984)

Political Asylum, “System of War” (1984)

Everything but the Girl “Ballad of the Times” (1985)

Tippa Irie, “Complain Neighbour” (1985)

The Apostles, “Workers’ Autonomy” (1986)

Mixtape 5: Government Schemes

The Passage, “16 Hours” (1979)

The Members, “Solitary Confinement” (1979)

Adam Ant, “Kings of the Wild Frontier” (1980)

Poison Girls, “Persons Unknown” (1980)

The Exploited, “I Believe in Anarchy” (1981)

Aswad, “Tuff We Tuff” (1981)

Abrasive Wheels “Vicious Circle” (1981)

The Exploited, “Dole Q” (1981)

Bow Wow Wow, “W.O.R.K. (N.O. Nah No! No! My Daddy Don’t)” (1981)

Abrasive Wheels, “Voice of Youth” (1981)

Potential Threat, “Cheap Labour” (1982)

The Exploited, “Disorder” (1982)

Wham!, “Wham Rap!” (1982)

Vice Squad, “(So) What for the Eighties” (1982)

Level 41, “The Chinese Way” (1982)

The Partisans, “No U Turns” (1983)

Billy Bragg, “To Have and to Have Not” (1983)

Misty in Roots “Poor and Needy” (1983)

Newtown Neurotics, “Living with Unemployment” (1983)

Red Guitars, “Steeltown” (1984)

The Alarm, “Deeside” (1985)

Simply Red, “Money’s Too Tight (to Mention)” (1985)

The Exploited, “Maggie” (1985)

New Model Army, “Young, Gifted and Skint” (1985)

Style Council, “With Everything to Lose” (1985)

Roy Harper, “Government Surplus” (1988)

The Neurotics, “Keep the Faith” (1988)

Easterhouse, “Stay with Me (Death on the Dole)” (1989)

James, “Sit Down” (1989)

Mixtape 6:  Nowt but Misery

Hawkwind, “Urban Guerrilla” (1973)

The Human League, “Circus of Death” (1978)

The Fall, ‘Crap Rap 2/ Like to Blow” (1979)

999, “English Wipeout” (1979)

Tubeway Army, “Down in the Park” (1979)

The Fall, “The N.W.R.A” (1980)

The Clash, “Something About England” (1980)

Echo and the Bunnymen, “All That Jazz” (1980)

David Bowie, “Ashes to Ashes” (1980)

Anti-Nowhere League, “So What?” (1981)

Dick Gaughan, “Both Sides the Tweed” (1981)

The Specials, “Ghost Town” (1981)

Siouxsie and the Banshees, “Fireworks” (1982)

The Exploited, “False Hopes” (1983)

Big Country, “Steeltown” (1984)

Dream Academy, “Life in a Northern Town” (1985)

Fine Young Cannibals, “Move to Work” (1985)

Everything but the Girl, “Anytown” (1985)

The Style Council, “All Gone Away” (1985)

Fine Young Cannibals, “Blue” (1985)

The Three Johns “Sold Down the River” (1986)

The Three Johns “Coals to Newcastle” (1986)

The Proclaimers, “Letter from America” (1987)

The Thrashing Doves, “Northern Civil War Party” (1987)

Thrashing Doves, “Biba’s Basement” (1987)

The Housemartins, “We Are Not Going Back” (1987)

The Alarm, “Hallowed Ground” (1987)

Anti-Nowhere League “Not My England” (1987)

The Proclaimers, “Cap in Hand” (1988)

Mixtape 7: Shopkeepers Arise!

X-Ray Spex, “Germ Free Adolescents” (1978)

Joe Jackson, “Sunday Papers” (1978)

John Cooper Clarke, “You Never See a Nipple in the Daily Express” (1978)

X-Ray Spex, “Plastic Bag” (1978)

The Pop Group, “We Are All Prostitutes” (1979)

The Slits, “Spend Spend Spend” (1979)

The Clash, “Lost in the Supermarket” (1979)

Gang of Four, “At Home (He’s a Tourist)” (1979)

Elvis Costello & The Attractions, “Sunday’s Best” (1979)

The Passage, “Locust” (1980)

Girls at Our Best, “Getting Nowhere Fast” (1980)

Diagram Brothers, “Put it in a Bigger Box” (1981)

Gang of Four “Capital (It Fails Us Now)” (1981)

Anthrax, “Capitalism is Cannibalism” (1982)

Gang of Four, “Call Me Up” (1982)

The Jam, “The Great Depression” (1982)

Crass, “Nineteen Eighty Bore” (1982)

Gang of Four, “I Will Be a Good Boy” (1982)

The Exploited, “Daily News” (1982)

ABC, “Date Stamp” (1982)

Hit Parade, “Media Song” (1982)

Billy Bragg, “The Busy Girl Buys Beauty” (1983)

Elvis Costello & The Attractions, “Pills and Soap” (1983)

Heaven 17, “Key to the World” (1983)

Depeche Mode, “Everything Counts” (1983)

Depeche Mode, “Work Hard” (1983)

Billy Bragg, “It Says Here” (1984)

Cock Sparrer, “The Sun Says” (1984)

Dexy’s Midnight Runners, “This Is What She’s Like” (1985)

Robert Wyatt, “The Age of Self” (1985)

Instigators, “The Fix” (1985)

Age of Chance, “Kiss” (1986)

Depeche Mode, “New Dress” (1986)

Leon Rosselson, “Jackboot Democrats” (1986)

McCarthy, “The Procession of Popular Capitalism” (1987)

Pet Shop Boys, “Shopping” (1987)

Close Lobsters, “From This Day On” (1988)

Culture Shock, “Colour TV” (1988)

Sigue Sigue Sputnik, “Success” (1988)

Harry Enfield, “Loadsamoney (Doin’ Up the House)” (1988)

Tears for Fears, “Sowing the Seeds of Love” (1989)

Phil Collins, “Another Day in Paradise” (1989)

The Man from Delmonte, “My Love is Like a Gift You Can’t Return” (1989)

McCarthy, “And Tomorrow the Stock Exchange Will Be the Human Race” (1990)

McCarthy, “I’m on the Side of Mankind as Much as the Next Man” (1990)

McCarthy, “The Drinking Song of the Merchant Bankers” (1990)

Bradford, “Greed and Peasant Land” (1990)

Mixtape 8:  Winston Thatcher

Spizzenergi, “Soldier Soldier” (1979)

The Exploited, “Army Life” (1980)

M, “Your Country Needs You” (1980)

Varukers, “Soldier Boy” (1981)

The Cockney Rejects, “The Power and the Glory” (1981)

UB40, “Present Arms” (1981)

Crass, “Sheep Farming in the Falklands” (1982)

Mayhem, “Patriots” (1982)

Robert Wyatt, “Shipbuilding” (1982)

The Fall, “Marquis Cha Cha” (1982)

Cock Sparrer, “England Belongs to Me” (1982)

Abrasive Wheels “Army Song” (1982)

Madness, “Blue Skinned Beast” (1982)

Anthrax, “Violence is Violence” (1982)

Icons of Filth, “Your Military” (1983)

UK Subs, “After the War” (1983)

Crass, “How Does It Feel? (To Be the Mother of a Thousand Dead)” (1983)

Icons of Filth, “Virus” (1983)

Crass, “Gotcha” (1983)

The Exploited, “Let’s Start a War… (Said Maggie One Day)” (1983)

Danbert Nobacon, “Declaring Peace” (1984)

Cock Sparrer, “They Mean Murder” (1984)

The Bluebells, “South Atlantic Way” (1984)

New Model Army, “Spirit of the Falklands” (1984)

Bronski Beat, “No More War” (1984)

Passion Killers, “Judging by the Headlines” (1984)

The Faith Brothers, “Easter Parade” (1985)

Twa Toots, “A New Depression” (1986)

Joe Jackson, “Tango Atlantico” (1986)

The Neurotics, “You Must Be Mad” (1988)

John Cale, “The Falklands Suite” (1989)

Mixtape 8 1/2: Smash Hits

Nick Heyward, “Take That Situation” (1983)

Shalamar, “Dead Giveaway” (1983)

Aztec Camera, “Walk out to Winter” (1983)

Ultravox, “We Came to Dance” (1983)

David Bowie, “China Girl” (1983)

Booker Newbury III, “Love Town” (1983)

Meat Loaf, “If You Really Want to” (1983)

Robert Palmer, “Johnny and Mary” (1983) 
H2O, “Dream to Sleep” (1983)

Mari Wilson, “Wonderful” (1983)

Orange Juice, “Flesh of My Flesh” (1983)

George Benson, “Lady Love Me (One More Time)” (1983)

Flash and The Pan, “Waiting for a Train” (1983)

Twisted Sister, “The Kids Are Back” (1983)

Agnetha Faltskog, “The Heat Is on” (1983)

Mixtape 9: Whistling in the Dark

Steeleye Span, “Blackleg Miner” (1970)

Fallout, “Salt Mines” (1983)

Redskins, “Unionise” (1983)

The Enemy Within, “Strike” (1984)

Council Collective, “Soul Deep” (1984)

Billy Bragg “It Says Here” (1984)

Robyn Hitchcock, “Bells of Rhymney” (1984)

The Alarm, “Bells of Rhymney” (1984)

The Redskins, “Bring it down (This Insane Thing)” (1985)

Alan Hull, “Heroes” (1985)

Style Council, “A Stones Throw Away” (1985)

The Mekons, “Abernant 1984/5” (1985)

The Country Pickets, “Daddy, What Did You Do in the Strike” (1985)

The Mekons, “Lost Highway” (1985)

Sting, “We Work the Black Seam” (1985)

The Mekons, “Country” (1985)

Dick Gaughan, “Which Side Are You On?” (1985)

Billy Bragg, “Which Side Are You On?” (1985)

The Mekons, “Hard to Be Human Again” (1985)

South Wales Striking Miners Choir and Test Dept. “Comrades” (1985)

The Style Council, “The Lodger (or She Was Only a Shopkeeper’s Daughter)” (1985)

Robert Wyatt, “The Age of Self” (1985)

Easterhouse, “Whistling in the Dark” (1985)

The Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band & G.C.H.Q. Trade Unions with 7:84 Theatre Co. England, “Raise Your Banners High” (1985)

Easterhouse, “Ain’t That Always the Way” (1985)

Chumbawamba, “Fitzwilliam” (1985)

Easterhouse, “Confrontation” (1985)

Redskins, “Turnin’ Loose (These Furious Flames)” (1986)

The Housemartins, “Think for a Minute” (1986)

Peggy Seeger & Ewan MacColl, “The Media” (1986)

The Housemartins, “We Are Not Going Back” (1987)

The Alarm, “A New South Wales” (1989)

Mixtape 9 ½: Everybody’s on Top of the Pops

The Rezillos, “Top of the Pops” (1978)

Scritti Politi, “The Sweetest Girl” (1981)

The Insane, “El Salvador” (1982)

Adam Ant, “Goody Two Shoes” (1982)

Madness, “House of Fun” (1982)

Soft Cell, “Torch” (1982)

ABC, “The Look of Love” (1982)

Tight Fit, “Fantasy Island” (1982)

Duran Duran, “Hungry Like the Wolf” (1982) 

The Enemy, “Fallen Hero,” (1982)

The Exploited, “Alternatives,” (1982)

Subhumans, “Reason for Existence” (1982)

Conflict, “Wargames,” (1982)

The Higsons, “Conspiracy” (1982) 

Billy Bragg, “Between the Wars” (1985)

Philip Bailey and Phil Collins, “Easy Lover” (1985)

Mixtape 10: You’re Not an Army

The Wolfe Tones, “A Nation Once Again” (1972)

Wings, “Give Ireland Back to the Irish” (1972)

John & Yoko, “Sunday Bloody Sunday” (1972)

Francie Brolly, “H. Block Song” (1978)

The Pop Group, “Amnesty International Report” (1979)

Gang of Four, “Ether” (1979)

Moving Hearts, “Irish Ways and Irish Laws” (1981)

The Passage, “Troops Out” (1981)

The Boomtown Rats “Banana Republic” (1981)

Au Pairs, “Armagh” (1981)

Conflict, “Conflict” (1982)

Metro Youth, “Brutalized” (1982)

Crass, “Nineteen Eighty Bore” (1982)

Christy Moore, “Section 31” (1983)

Fun Boy Three “The More I See (The Less I Believe)” (1983)

UB40, “You”re Not an Army” (1984)

Subhumans, “Heads of State” (1985)

Dexy’s Midnight Runners, “One of Those Things” (1985)

Fallout, “Tell Me About It” (1985)

Christy Moore, “The Peoples Own M.P.” (1985)

Ruefrex, “The Wild Colonial Boy” (1985)

The Style Council, “The Stand Up Comic’s Instructions” (1985)

Angelic Upstarts, “Brighton Bomb” (1985)

Easterhouse, “Inspiration” (1986)

Easterhouse, “Nineteen Sixty-Nine” (1986)

The Pogues, “Streets of Sorrow/ Birmingham Six” (1988)

McCarthy, “I”m Not a Patriot But” (1989)

Culture Shock, “Northern Ireland” (1989)

Danbert Nobacon, “Why Are We Still in Ireland?” (1989)

Aztec Camera, “Good Morning Britain” (1990)

Denim, “Osmonds” (1992)

Mixtape 11: Mad Thatcher Disease Mix

Sham 69 “Ulster” (1977)

Stiff Little Fingers, “Alternative Ulster” (1978)

Sham 69, “They Don’t Understand” (1978)

Stiff Little Fingers “Suspect Device” (1978)

The Undertones, “Teenage Kicks” (1978)

Stiff Little Fingers, “Wasted Life” (1979)

Stiff Little Fingers, “No More of That” (1979)

The Undertones, “It’s Going to Happen!” (1981)

The Passage, “Troops Out” (1981)

Dick Gaughan, “Song for Ireland” (1981)

Angelic Upstarts, “Soldier” (1982)

Marianne Faithful, “Ireland” (1983)

U2, “Sunday Bloody Sunday” (1983)

The Bluebells, “The Patriot Game” (1984)

Ruefrex, “Paid in Kind” (1984)

Exit-Stance, “Ballkelly Disco” (1984)

Toxic Waste, “Burn Your Flags” (1985)

Conflict, “Neither is this” (1985)

Toxic Waste, “Listen Margaret” (1986)

Toxic Waste, “As More Die” (1986)

Anathema, “Your Ulster” (1987)

Ruefrex, “Playing Cards with Dead Men” (1987)

That Petrol Emotion. “Big Decision” (1987)

Simple Minds, “Belfast Child” (1989)

Energy Orchard, “Belfast” (1990)

Mixtape 12: Keep This Booklet Handy

The Art Attacks, “Neutron Bomb,” (1978)

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, “Enola Gay” (1980)

The Vapors, “Bunkers” (1980)

Jethro Tull, “Protect and Survive” (1980)

The Freshies, “Wrap Up the Rockets” (1980)

Discharge, “Realities of War” (1980)

T.V. Smith’s Explorers, “Tomahawk Cruise” (1980)

The Varukers, “Protest and Survive” (1981)

Heaven 17, “Let’s All Make a Bomb” (1981)

Anti-System, “Government Lies” (1982)

Modern English, “I Melt with You” (1982)

Anne Clark with David Hammond, “Poem for a Nuclear Romance” (1983)

Frankie Goes to Hollywood “Two Tribes” (1984)

Ultravox, “Dancing with Tears in My Eyes” (1984)

Ian Dury, “Ban the Bomb” (1984)

Oi Polloi, “Resist the Atomic Menace” (1986)

Poly Styrene, “Big Boy Big Toy” (1986)

The Smiths, “Ask” (1986)

Sigue Sigue Sputnik, “Love Missile F1-11” (1986)

Oi Polloi, “No Filthy Nuclear Power” (1987)

Oi Polloi, “Nuclear Waste” (1987)

James, “Charlie Dance” (1988)

Julian Cope, “5 O’ Clock World” (1988)

Sigue Sigue Sputnik, “M.A.D (Mutually Assured Destruction)” (1988)

Mixtape 13: Kidney Machines and Rockets

Gang of Four, “Guns before Butter” (1979)

Siouxsie and the Banshees, “Mittageisen” (1979)

The Clash, “London Calling” (1979)

The Fall, “2nd Dark Age” (1980)

The Sound, “Missiles” (1980)

Def Leppard, “When the Walls Came Tumblin’ Down” (1980)

The Jam, “Going Underground” (1980)

Young Marble Giants, “Final Day” (1980)

The Diagram Brothers, “Isn’t it Interesting How Neutron Bombs Work” (1981)

Discharge, “A Look at Tomorrow” (1981)

Special Duties, “CND (Campaign for Nuclear Destruction)” (1982)

Tom Robinson, “Merrily Up on High” (1982)

Red Guitars, “Fact!” (1983)

Amazulu, “Greenham Time” (1983)

The Style Council, “Money-Go-Round” (1983)

The Astronauts, “Typically English Day” (1983)

The Exploited, “Let’s Start a War… (Said Maggie One Day)” (1983)
Kissing the Pink, “Greenham” (1984)

The Three Johns, “Atom Drum Bop” (1984)

Television Personalities, “You’ll Have to Scream Louder” (1984)

Crass, “You’re Already Dead” (1984)

Red London, “C.N.D.” (1984)

Television Personalities “How I learned to Love the Bomb” (1986)

Shop Assistants, “Before I Wake” (1986)

Morrissey, “Everyday is Like Sunday” (1988)

Peggy Seeger, “Carry Greenham Home” (1988)

Mixtape 14: See Your Family and Friend Perish!

The Clash, “(White Man) in Hammersmith Palais” (1978)

Crass, “White Punks on Hope” (1979)

The Sound, “Missiles” (1980)

UB40 “The Earth Dies Screaming” (1980)

Jona Lewie, “Stop the Cavalry” (1980)

Def Leppard, “When the Walls Came Tumblin’ Down” (1980)

The Beat, “Dream House in NZ” (1981)

Discharge, “A Look at Tomorrow” (1981)

Special Duties, “Bullshit Crass” (1982)

The Mob, “No Doves Fly Here” (1982)

Political Asylum, “Disarm or Die” (1983)

Linton Kwesi Johnson, “Di Eagle An’ Di Bear” (1984)

Culture Club, “The War Song” (1984)

Terminus, “Propaganda War” (1986)

The Three Johns, “Atom Drum Bop” (1986)

Conflict “The Day Before” (1986)

Everything but the Girl, “The Night I Heard Caruso Sing” (1988)

Pop Will Eat Itself, “Def.Con.One” (1989)

Mixtape 14 ½: In Spite of These Times

Funboy Five, “Compulsive Eater” (1980)

Stump, “Buffalo” (1980) 

Scritti Politti, “The Sweetest Girl” (1981)

Diagram Brothers “Seals/Fur Coats” (1981)

Zounds, “Great White Hunter” (1981)

Flux of Pink Indians, “Blinded by Science” (1982)

ABC, “The Look of Love” (1982)

Bananarama, “Give Us Back Our Cheap Fares” (1982)

Conflict, “Meat Means Murder” (1983)

Elvis Costello & The Attractions, “Pills and Soap” (1983)

Anathema, “6 Seconds” (1984)

Antisect, “Tortured and Abused” (1984)

Instigators, “All Creatures” (1984)

Madness, “Michael Caine” (1984)

Exit-Stance, “They Kill Dogs” (1985)

The Colour Field, “Cruel Circus” (1985)

Captain Sensible, “Wot? No Meat? (1985)

Varukers, “Animals an Animal” (1985).

The Smiths’ “Meat is Murder” (1985)

Conflict, “This Is the A.L.F.” (1986)

Electro Hippies, “Sheep” (1987)

God’s Little Monkeys, “Reynard” (1988)

Shelleyan Orphan: “Suffer Dog” (1989)

Robb Johnson & The Barnyard Chorus, “The Animal Song” (1986)

Fuzzbox, “Bohemian Rhapsody” (1986)

Close Lobsters, “In Spite of These Times” (1987) 

The Stone Roses, “(Song for My) Sugar Spun Sister” (1988)

Citizen Fish, “How to Write Ultimate Protest Songs” (1990)

Howard Jones, “Don’t Be Part of It” (1991)

Hue & Cry, “Strength to Strength” (1987)

Paul McCartney, “Meat Free Monday” (2009)

Mixtape 15: Do Policemen Sing?

Junior Murvin, “Police & Thieves” (1977)

Leon Rosselson, “Whoever Invented the Fish Finger” (1979)

Stiff Little Fingers, “Law and Order” (1979)

UK Subs, “Bomb Factory” (1980)

UK Subs, “Brand New Age” (1980)

The Human League, “I Am the Law” (1981)

Robyn Hitchcock, “Do Policemen Sing?” (1981)

UK Subs, “Police State (Part 1)” (1982)

Charged GBH, “Heavy Discipline” (1982)

Cock Sparrer, “Riot Squad” (1982)

UK Subs, “Police State (Part 1)” (1982)

Red Guitars, “Good Technology” (1983)

Antisocial, “Official Hooligan” (1983)

Red Alert, “The Art of Brutality” (1983)

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Mixtape 19: Another British Army

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