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How We Change The World— Firestorm Books & Coffee

By the Firestorm Collective
August 2021

Educator Rebecca Subar presents her new book, When to Talk and When to Fight: The Strategic Choice Between Dialogue and Resistance, in a virtual conversation with Esteban Kelly, a co-founder of Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance (AORTA).

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When to Talk and When to Fight is a conversation between talkers and fighters. It introduces a new language to enable negotiators and activists to argue and collaborate across different schools of thought and action. Threaded among examples of conflict, struggle, and change in organizations, communities, and society is the compelling personal story that led Subar to her community of practice at Dragonfly, advising leaders in social justice organizations on organizational and advocacy strategy.

Rebecca Subar taught Peace and Conflict Studies at West Chester University from 2005 to 2019. She is a senior partner at Dragonfly, where a multiracial band of consultants supports organizations that make social change. She has coached leaders of political advocacy groups large and small on their race consciousness, their organization’s growth, and their strategy for changing the world.

Esteban Kelly is the executive director for the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives and a founding member in AORTA, a worker-owned co-op whose facilitation supports organizations fighting for social justice and a solidarity economy. He received a Social Innovation Award for Public Policy and is an advisor to the Movement for Black Lives policy table.

When to Talk and When to Fight: The Strategic Choice between Dialogue and Resistance