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Class Power on Zero Hours: A Chat with Angry Workers with Firestorm Books

Firestorm Books
June 2021

Join the AngryWorkers as they discuss their recent publication Class Power On Zero-Hours with the US based Workers On Fire Collective. AngryWorkers, a collective of anti-authoritarian communists, has spent six years organizing in London’s industrial backyard, mainly in the food manufacturing and logistics sector. Over six years, they got jobs in West London factories, warehouses, and logistics, building relationships with coworkers and neighbors from origins worldwide, and getting their hands dirty building working class power alongside other precarious and gig workers. Class Power On Zero-Hours is an amazingly detailed exploration of building solidarity, learning from mistakes and working towards a collective vision for liberation amongst the laboring classes at the points of production and reproduction. It is essential reading for anyone who is grappling with the question: ‘what next for working class politics and revolutionary strategy? The Book:… Website: Community Calendar: Community Sustainers Program:

Class Power on Zero Hours