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Episode 39: Kuwasi Balagoon – A Soldier’s Story with Jason Lydon

Lit Review Podcast

So often we hear anarchy equated with chaos and collapse: a complete breakdown of society. This hour, we’re rejecting that. We sat down with Jason Lydon to help us understand what anarchy is and isn’t. We define terms, talk through principles, and take seriously the anarchist vision for collective liberation. To help us ground our conversation, we talked about Kuwasi Balagoon: A Soldier’s Story.

Kuwasi was one of the Panther 21 that the State tried to frame in 1969. Subsequently a member of the Black Liberation Army, he escaped prison twice prior to being arrested following a failed Brink’s expropriation in 1981. He died in prison of AIDS-related pneumonia in 1986. A Soldier’s Story is the first ever collection of his writings.

A Soldier’s Story: Revolutionary Writings by a New Afrikan Anarchist, Third Edition