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Watch This Ain’t Democracy! A Post-Election Teach

Regardless of the election outcome, the struggle for radical positive change is set to continue. We face ongoing battles for Black liberation, economic equity, reproductive freedoms, healthcare, immigrant justice, indigenous rights, ecological regeneration, and more.

The next four years – and far beyond – offer opportunities to build on the incredible groundwork established by movements from Black Lives Matter to #AbolishICE, #MeToo to the fight to protect indigenous land and water. In this post-election teach-in, we invite you to imagine and plot a revolutionary response to the U.S. Elections.

Join Kali Akuno, Klee Benally, Shanelle Matthews, Adrienne Pine, and Marzena Zukowska as we demand much better than a return to the status quo! Organized by PM Press, Radical Communicators Network, American University Department of Anthropology, and California Institute of Integral Studies Department of Anthropology and Social Change.