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The University of Rojava inaugurates the postgraduation institute of Social Sciences

Rojava University
October 12th, 2020

The University of Rojava, in the presence of the university’s students and teachers, opened the Postgraduate institute of Social Sciences.

On this occasion, Dr. Abd al-Ilah al-Mustafa, the co-chair of the University of Rojava, in his speech emphasized the importance of this step and that this institute will contribute significantly to raising the academic level at the university.

After the opening speech, students and teachers entered the hall named “the scientist David Graeber” in honor of his memory and his positive attitudes towards the people’s revolution in North and East Syria.

Dr. Sardar Saadi, Head of the Department, delivered a speech via Skype, expressing his pleasure at the inauguration the institute and wishing success to the students.

It is regard that the External Relations Authority held a memorial service for the researcher and thinker David Graeber at the University of Rojava, where speeches were delivered and a short film about Graeber’s life and struggle was shown, in addition to some artistic performances.

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