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C is for Commonwealth by Aftermath Ematics

By Aftermath Ematics
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We get told that to get wealth, we need money. And to get money, we have to do waged work.
And that the people who own the businesses where we work or the places we live are “wealth creators”.
When it’s us who are creating the wealth…

That’s if you assume that Weath=Money
And of course it doesn’t…
As we have all learned in the past months, we all need food, shelter and safety, which should never depend on money.
After that:
Wealth = Time
Wealth = Family, friends, neighbours
Wealth = Nature
Wealth = Health
Wealth = Creativity
So-called “wealth creation” consumes our time, our energy, our relationships – our wealth.
But, every day, we do things together, we make things together, we cooperate. We create wealth in common.
Sharing love and care
Growing and sharing food
Sharing ideas and skills
Creating and making
Sharing action
Together, we can create beautiful moments in common.
Look at all this wealth we create. Our commonwealth. Imagine how we could thrive if we could share it.