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B is for Business as Usual by Aftermath Ematics

By Aftermath Ematics
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Business as usual doesn’t exist * Business as usual has never existed …at least, not as a ‘normality’ that we can go back to * There is no ‘back to normal’ * We may long to go back to things as they were before * But while we struggle to regain the stability of the familiar, capitalists are busying mapping out their new normal * Business as usual means only this: ceaseless change within limited horizons * …innovation without end but with depressingly inevitable consequences… * New products, new technologies, new ways of exploiting humans, other animals, other life and our planet * Their ‘creativity’ is our destruction * Business as usual means everlasting uncertainty and agitation * Business as usual means a continuous compulsion to adjust our lives to the new ways of the world * Above all, business-as-usual means back to work, back to a world of wage-labour * …back to a world in which our access to wealth is determined by our ability to earn a wage… * …a world in which our social worth is determined by our wage * How can we refuse the equation of social worth and wage? * How can we refuse the return to business as usual?