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People’s Strike May Day Broadcast

By Matt Meyer

The first EIGHT HOURS of People’s Strike May Day coverage was broadcast in extraordinary fashion by Firoze Manji, bouncing back and forth between live reports and taped reflections. The entirety of those 8 hours can be found in the thread “People’s Strike: Fighting for Our Lives, Forging Our Future” (May Day Live Broadcast, Part 1) and available:

The following (A thru E) parts of those 8 hours were made possible through our very own collective contributions, and can be found at the “time locations” within the 8:00:00-hour-show listed as follows:

a. NEJMA!!! was as impressive to everyone at People’s Strike as she always is in person to us!! Thus, the extraordinary, Eco-socialist International, women-centered magical video which she made for the Roses and Bread 25th anniversary show (see below) was ALSO USED AS THE INTRODUCTION to the entire 8-hour, official People’s Strike broadcast! Catch it first thing out, along with the wonderful things Firoze has to say about her. ALSO: Nejma’s music is used and credited throughout the 8-hours of programming. You go, Sister!!

b. at -6:41:00 in the program, South African comrade Magdalene Moonsamy has a poem which she wrote in solidarity with the people of Palestine. More about this beloved sister in a moment, but check out her poem, immediately followed by another piece by Nejma Nefertiti.
c. At -6:37:54, Wende Marshall moderates the first of her two shows: Put People First! This Philly-based interview/exchange features Nijmie Dzrinko, Co-Founder and Co-Coordinator of Put People First (PPF); Hope Koss, PPF Member; Karim Nathan, PPF member and physician; and Terrell Turner, PPF member and essential worker delivering for Frito-Lay. Inspiring!! And, yes, yet another of Nejma’s pieces follows immediately after that show.

d. At -4:02:38, Wende‘s second show appears: an amazing interview with Haifa-based Palestinian doctor Osama Tanous, physician and public health scholar

e. At -3:02:42, though we can’t take as personal credit for this we are very happy to spotlight: a broadcast led by Alliance of Middle Eastern and North African Socialists leader Shiyam Galyon. Shiyam is also on the national staff of the War Resisters League, which co-sponsored her segment along with many other groups. The focus, on the Global Prison Abolitionist Movement, is NOT TO BE MISSED!! Yay Shiyaml Yay WRL!

Matt Meyer is a New York City–based educator, organizer, and author who serves as War Resisters’ International Africa Support Network Coordinator, and who represents the International Peace Research Association at the United Nations Economic and Social Council. A former draft registration resister, Meyer’s extensive human rights work has included support for all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, solidarity with Puerto Rico and the Black Liberation Movement, and board membership on the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute.

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