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Akilah S. Richards on Revolutionary Voices Radio

By Sonali Fiske
October 4th, 2019

“This was a jaw dropping interview for me. ?@fareofthefreechild just lays down so much intel & her own wisdom on how problematic our education system is… and how it is we can course-correct with self-directed education & #unschooling to raise free people — our people. This is for every: educator, student, parent, activist… and really ANYONE who gives a damn about lifting & raising a generation of self-determined & liberated leaders!”

Akilah S. Richards hosts Fare of the Free Child, a lifestyle and parenting podcast about the connection between liberation, learning, and parenting, particularly among BIPOC communities. Parents, educators, unschoolers and entrepreneurs tune in weekly to connect about unschooling, deschooling, conscious parenting, and self-directedness. Akilah is passionate about mindful partnerships and parenting and her voice and work have been featured on NPR, NBC TV, Good Morning America’s blog, and in several print and web-based publications. The TEDx Speaker, accomplished digital content writer, and sought-after facilitator is part of a nomadic family of four; she and her partner, Kris, are raising two self-directed teenagers.

Raising Free People: Unschooling as Liberation and Healing Work

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