Teaching Resistance: A Review in CHOICE

Teaching Resistance: Radicals, Revolutionaries, and Cultural Subversives in the Classroom

By J. L. Newman
April 2020

Mink, a social studies teacher, has put together a thoughtful and engaging compilation of stories from educators and youth workers, challenging the status quo of prevailing educational environments. Chapters range from personal narratives and interviews to theoretical pieces mainly written by self-identified punks, some quite famous in American music scenes. The intent is clear and hard-hitting: confronting issues of racism, fascism, consumerism, colonization, the criminal justice system, and more as it applies to the current educational landscape in the US and abroad. Authors address not only the general student population, but also those most marginalized: students with special needs, linguistically and culturally diverse students, and those in America’s prison system. Readers will gain a better understanding of punk’s history in shaping education, as well as such tools as lessons plans and copious resources to work towards social justice goals in the classroom. For those new to a social justice education paradigm, this text provides a unique perspective on the importance of “anarchist pedagogy” in providing true and free educational environments. To the more seasoned readers, it will reinforce the scholarly roots of critical pedagogy and inspire continued work and reflection.

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