Meg Elison’s Big Girl— What We’re Looking Forward to… 2020 on Turnaround

Big Girl

Turnaround Blog
December 2019

It’s true and I should say it: Meg Elison’s The Road to Nowhere trilogy is the single greatest piece of (post-apocalyptic) writing ever produced. Elison’s books are raw, intoxicating and apologetically queer, with messed-up characters who somehow, against all odds, find hope in a bitter world. There’s a rage boiling underneath her words; an absolute and utter refusal to submit, to accept; to gently go.

Imagine my excitement when I found out about Big Girl. Part of the Outspoken Authors series by PM Press, it contains several short stories (at least two of which are newly published!!) and an interview with Elison herself.

I cannot wait.