Matt Meyer & Mandy Carter Present: Intersectional and Intergenerational Organizing

By Audrey
Firestorm Bookstore
July 2nd,2019

On May 30th Firestorm had the honor of hosting Mandy Carter and Matt Meyer as they led this inspirational and historic discussion on political movement, the “true revolution of values”, and their book We Have Not Been Moved: Resisting Racism and Militarism in the 21st Century. These two incredible activists shared their experience participating in radical communities from the 1960s to the present. A rousing but warm and inviting energy flowed through the discussing of often difficult topics such as war and racism, and the triumphs and failures of current and past movements, scholars, and activists.  

“We are a freedom movement, not a civil rights movement.”

Mandy: “My level of optimism? 10/10! Bring it! … One moment one time, they’re gonna go too far, and there’s gonna be a spark that lights it all up, and we need to be ready.”

Matt: “These sparks really do bear out, from a historic point of view, internationally, in every major revolution: it seems like it’s impossible until it happens, and then it seems inevitable.”

Matt Meyer is a white Brooklyn-based writer, educator, and activist who currently serves as chair of the International Peace Research Association, and co-chair of the Fellowship of Reconciliation’s National Council.   

Mandy Carter is a Durham-based Black queer activist who co-founded Southerners on New Ground and the National Black Justice Coalition. She works in the Carolinas and nationwide for racial, gender, and LGBTQ justice. 

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