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Obama’s War and God’s Other Eden

By E. Ethelbert Miller

As we move out of August Summer into the Fall, look for the Antiwar Movement to launch their plans. Afghanistan is the new Iraq.

It’s not like Obama pulled a surprise from his hat. He told us he was going to focus on Afghanistan. The more troops we place in harms way the more Americans will be killed and wounded. This will not go over well with the American public. We still have a distaste for wars in countries we know very little about. It’s hard for people to understand what defending National Security means- when they can’t find some of these nations on a map. How many Americans still wonder if Palin’s Alaska is America?

Opposition to Obama is going to be difficult in some corners. Look for the Peace Movement to once again have problems attracting black marchers. Long gone are the days of Paul Robeson – and the international perspective activists once had. Many black people will support Obama and wave kente, and the Antiwar Movement will once again look white on television and the streets.

It’s also going to be a challenge for many to create antiwar posters that are critical of Obama and avoid racial stereotypes. How large can we make Obama’s ears? Must we bring back the Minstrel face?

We can only make a decision on Afghanistan if we determine what will be the wars of the future. One thing to note is that the war we are fighting is going to be ongoing and perhaps permanent.
I don’t think one defeats ideas or religions – I think you try to place them in check and not necessarily checkmate.

The 21st Century will see our world divided by religion more than race. I’ve said this over and over…

Key to everything is going to be the relationship between church/mosque and state. Freedom to practice one’s religion is one thing, the advocating of religion to govern society is something else.
The separation of church/mosque and state is critical if man is going to advance. The failure to bring religion up to date, or have it accept modernity and science is a major challenge.

The freedom of women around the world must not be held back by man’s interpretation of scripture. We can’t skip or dance around some of these issues and conflicts. We also have to understand and promote tolerance and cultural diversity.

Everyone is not the same, but everyone should be provided with equal opportunities. My concern is that our fear of the future has many of us clinging to the past. We can’t let go because it might result in our loss of identity. Who are we when God leaves us to ourselves?

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