Lickin’ the Beaters: A Review

Lickin’ the Beaters: Low Fat Vegan Desserts

By Anita Sonawane
Feminist Review

Lickin’ The Beaters is a perfect addition to any dessert lover’s collection of recipes. Peanut brittle, rhubarb crunch, date bars, and chocolate chip cookies – these are just some of the offerings in this compact and beautifully illustrated book. Siue Moffat proves that following a vegan diet does not necessitate depriving one’s sweet tooth. The ingredients will seem readily available to any faithful vegan. In fact, most of them are repeated in several recipes, making the book a good investment even for the health conscious non-vegan with an occasional vegan friend.

The desserts are extremely easy to prepare. The average preparation time for the recipes varies from five minutes to a good part of an hour. Lickin’ The Beaters does not assume any level of expertise and, thus, remains accessible. Yet Moffat does suggest subtle variations in every recipe, for the more ambitious cook.

With natural ingredients, the desserts are flavorful, but do not cloy the senses. In fact, the book’s only drawback is that it does not present nutrition facts. Moffat does clearly indicate, however, that she does not intend the book for dieters in the “let’s eat as little as possible sense.” This could lead some to lick the beaters a little more cautiously than others. However, lickin’ the beaters they still will be.

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