Geek Mafia: Mile Zero

Geek Mafia: Mile Zero

410 Media

Let me tell you a story from my personal life that will illustrate what a great book Geek Mafia: Mile Zero is. While reading this book I was selling a pool table that was in the basement of my old house. I didn’t know the people I sold the table to and when they arrive, I kept being really paranoid that somehow they were trying to scam me. At one point I had to go up stairs and look for some tools. When I came back downstairs, at least for a few seconds, I wondered where they might have hidden a bug or a camera. That’s right. Rick Dakan is so good at creating the world where his characters live it is easy to start seeing it in your real life.

The first book Geek Mafia was among the first books that I reviewed here at 410media. We are even quoted on the jacket for Mile Zero. It is a little grammatically challenged, but I am honored to be able to hopefully get a few more people people to read one of these books.

Just like Geek Mafia, Mile Zero centers around the criminally crew of Chloe and Paul. They have now re-located to Key West where they are unexpectedly hosting a sort of summit of crews. The story begins when one of the summit attendees is found dead and it takes off from there. There are twist and turns through out the story. Nothing is what you think it is and it keeps you guessing until the end. Just like Geek Mafia, Mile Zero checks in at a little over three hundred pages. It is a fast read, but be forewarned it just might make you a little paranoid.

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