Judy Joy Jones Show with Owen Hill, Mystery Author & Book Buyer—Fresh from BookExpo NYC!

The Incredible Double

Judy Joy Jones Show

OWEN HILL, Mystery Author & Book Buyer for famous MOES BOOKS, Berkeley, CA. Owen just returned from Book Expo America & will be discussing “The Incredible Double” his latest mystery novel as well as ‘The Chandler Apartments’ his first novel. Quote from Wikipedia; “The Chandler Bldg. has received some literary fame, being featured prominently in the 2002 mystery novel “The Chandler Apartments” by Owen Hill, who wrote the book while living there.” Hill’s main character in ‘The Incredible Double’; Clay Blackburn is your average bisexual book scout in Berkeley, but sometimes he’s a would-be private detective whose escapades evoke readers to comment, “I finished the whole book in one night and cannot wait for the sequel!”

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