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What Life is All About

by Ekim Jae

i haven’t read [the recent Counterpunch article on the Wikipedia blackout] yet, however i am about to read it now, but i’m posting it anyway…Will i agree with this article? Enjoy it? Will i think it sucks rancid donkey shaft? Will i be embarrassed that i associated myself with it by endorsing it on my wall? What are the chances anyone would care anyhow? DAG! this is like… i’m on some sort of facebook-russian-roullette shit. All my fb “friends” are gathered around, each one eagerly perched in front of his/her respective screen, gripped by video-bloodlust & afraid even to blink in case they should miss the grim spectacle. On the side of my browser the onscreen mob is neatly stacked one-on-top-another. In each of their homes, or maybe their cars if they have smart phones, or in their workplaces if facebook isnt blocked out, they are hooting, betting, yelling, waving paper currency, slips, credit card numbers and paypal passwords around madly as they stomp their digital-feet on the theoretical cyber floorboards in what would typically be described as unison, but not in this case due their condition of being separated from one another geographically… their virtual noise, which i imagine would be like a “buboom…buboom…buboom” that keeps repeating, droning on, echoing. It is theoretically deafening. My cursor approaches the “Share Link” button. All i have to do is double-click. Chances are everything will be fine. I’ll go back to my beautiful home Farmville and plant some crops. Isn’t that what life is all about? Sunshine, growth, food, fertilizer, the crunch of the leaves under your feet as you walk at the yearly harvest festival, the brisk, autumn breeze that foreshadows the coming of winter? If things don’t work out and my online avatar’s artificial grey-non-matter is splattered on the facebook wall, please virtually water the cyber-crops for me… oh, and delete my browser history and fb messages. Don’t read them though, that is so not cool!!!

[At this point NI interjects “Brilliant, as usual.”] Ekim Jae continues:

well, two hundred or so-ish people who would’ve had that post show up on their daily facebook “news” feed. If my muse had told me that my words would resonate with only one other person– a second “lone” gunman if you will– who was reading somewhere way out across the abstract (and somehow barren) facebook-scape, i would assume it was you on that “grassy” cyber knoll.

…and once again, here we are.

All this genius is exhausting… i better get some more shuteye. keep the faith. (i wish there was a raised-fist emoticon we could type out…)

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