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Proclaim liberty throughout the land—Leviticus 25:10

In ancient times there existed a tradition of periodically canceling all debts. It was known as Jubilee. In the face of the deepest crisis the country has faced in close to a century, we call for the renewal of that tradition.

Cancel all debt, including mortgages, medical bills, credit-card debts, car notes and student loans!

“If debt is wiped out, won’t the banks fail?” Yes, and the buildings could be used as palaces of culture or to house the homeless.

“If the banks fail, won’t people lose their savings?” People whose debts exceed their savings will gain more than they lose.

“What about the economy?”

“What about jobs?”

“Can there be a world without bankers?”

Building a new world will require imagination, experimentation… and the willingness to destroy what exists.

From Mexico to Greece, from Egypt to China—a world crisis demands a world solution: Cancel all international debt, as a step toward replacing the system of hostile states and permanent war with a global community.


Political figures seek to use the occupation movement to build support for programs that will solve nothing and condemn future generations to debt!

End foreclosures and debt slavery!

“Be realistic: Demand the impossible.”—Students in Paris, 1968

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