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End Palestinian Rocket and Tunnel Attacks against Israel: A Modest Proposal

By Noel Ignatiev

Leaflet prepared for a recent Gaza Solidarity Event in New York City:

The time has come to end the Palestinian attacks against Israel.  Since the Palestinians have a well recognized right to resist all aspects of the Israeli occupation of their lands and the subjection of the people of Gaza to intolerable levels of misery and desperation, it is not surprising that some resort to home-made rockets and underground tunnels.

It is time for David to have more than a slingshot to use against Goliath.  If we want to stop rockets and assaults from tunnels, we have no choice but to insist that the US government equip the Palestinian people with the same weapons and war equipment, such as fighter airplanes, that it provides to the Israeli government, and all necessary training to enable the Palestinians to use those weapons and equipment effectively.  If that were to happen, it is clear that the Palestinians would no longer have to resort to rockets and tunnels to wage their war against Israeli occupation and domination, and their resistance could serve as a positive counter-example to the Israeli military’s actions in Gaza.

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