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Adios NATO

AND DON’T COME BACK!”Smile, but not for long, Ladies and Gentlemen of NATO.”

– Nelly Kaplan What is NATO? A gangster bunch of high criminals and traitors profiteering off of war-mongering. An International Whitewashing Organization disguising the dirty deeds of the ever expansionist Empire. Sugar coating on a poison pill. Jobs for murderers and their bureaucratic entourage. Illusionists having us believe that living in peace is not only impossible but an irresponsible utopian dream. Purveyors of endless war.

Who would miss you? War-mongering has had its day. Were through being your cannon fodder, your targets and/or your patsies. Leave your gated communities, your weird alternative prisons you have built for yourselves, forget your perverted desires to have and to rule. Embrace real community and real happiness.

This is our future, our Freedom Now, and NATO, you have no place in it. You’re not welcome in Chicago or anywhere.

End the Endless War! Open the Prisons, Disband the Army! Restore the Natural World!. We are The Surrealist Movement in the U.S. and these are our demands.May 20, 2012

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