IGDCAST: Matthew Lyons On the Insurgent Far-Right, Trump, and #DisruptJ20

Insurgent Supremacists: The U.S. Far Right’s Challenge to State and Empire

By It’s Going Down – January 17, 2017

With #DisruptJ20 actions taking place in only a few days, many are wondering both what far-Right forces will do in response to massive protests that are planned in Washington DC and across the country, and how will the insurgent far-Right continue to maneuver now that Trump is in office. Wanting to think critically about these questions as well as how to place Trump politically, we caught up with long time anti-fascist author, Matthew Lyons who writes for Three Way Fightwhich offers analysis on a wide variety of far-Right forces and anti-fascist struggle.

We discuss several topics, including why fighting the far-Right is important, why the Alt-Right has gotten so much media attention the last year, looking critically at the far-Right concept of ‘globalism,’ and also a discussion on Trump and fascism which revolves around this essay from CrimethInc. Lyons does a good job of addressing that within the ruling class there is not always unity and that often there are competing ideas of how to organize capitalism and govern the State. What remains to be seen with Trump is if he only represents only a slightly different face to neoliberalism or if he will try and create something much different along Nationalist and military lines, which Lyons argues is possible. We then discuss how the far-Right might move and react with Trump now in office and with the rallying threat of a Democrat in power now vanished, and how far-Right groups might continue to be ‘helped along’ in being split apart from internal contradictions. We then end by talking about #DisruptJ20 and Lyons offers some closing thoughts for those heading off to engage in various street mobilizations.

For everyone about to get into a car for a long road trip or for those with some time to kill while painting a banner before an event, we hope you put this on and it leads to some intense discussions. Good luck!

Lastly, look for an upcoming booklet to be distributed by AK Press from Kersplebedeb that features essays both from Matthew Lyons, IGD, and Bromma. To pre-order a copy and to read more about the collection, entitled CTRL-ALT-DELETE: An Anti-Fascist Report on the Alternative Right, go here.

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