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Mutual Aid Listicle

By Kris Hermes

Mutual aid is the bedrock of thriving and sustainable communities.

Mutual aid is also “the basic principle of anarchism and the fundamental way that anarchists differentiate their vision from capitalism and the state,” according to Agency, a group that promotes contemporary anarchist perspectives and practices.

Five Ways You Can Engage in Mutual Aid Now!” is a new Listicle published by Agency, in an effort to broaden the understanding of mutual aid.

From resource and skill sharing to disaster response, community defense, and legal support, Agency’s Listicle explains these practices, and provides examples and helpful reading material to better understand ways of supporting each other and acting in genuine solidarity.

Humans have been practicing mutual aid for millennia but, throughout history, those in power have often prevented or discouraged people from working together in ways that clearly benefit us. Today is no exception!

Help to amplify the discussion around mutual aid by widely sharing “Five Ways You Can Engage in Mutual Aid Now!” As anarchists, who understand the importance and benefits of mutual aid, our challenge is to create a groundswell of support that expands the practice of mutual aid throughout all aspects of our lives.

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