Snitch World in the LA Review of Books

Snitch World

By Woody Haut
LA Review of Books
December 22nd, 2013

One of the Ten Favorite Crime Novels of 2013

Considering Nisbet’s recent work, this is a relatively straightforward narrative. Though a throwback to the author’s earlier work, it’s still within the realm of Nisbet’s particular brand of absurdist noir. Filled with surprises, Snitch World revolves around barroom conversations, taxi rides, a case of mistaken identity, a killer app, and a heavy dose of psychogeography. Above all, it’s Nisbet’s homage to blue-collar San Francisco, the memory of which is fading fast. With its survival techniques — drugs, drink, crime, wit, or public disorder — this could be Nisbet’s most painfully humorous book yet.

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