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RIP Marilyn Buck: Activist, Poet, Writer, Translator, Teacher, Former Political Prisoner, and Inspiration to Many

By Victoria Law

In May, I wrote a short blog post about the influence Marilyn Buck had on my early days as a prison abolitionist, esp as a young girl struggling to find my way in what seemed to be a male-dominated movement. She not only encouraged my political work but, since once upon a time she had been an assistant photo teacher, encouraged my photography too (even though my early works were just plain bad).

Marilyn was released from prison on July 15, 2010. 

I had known she was battling cancer and so, when she was released and living only a short train ride away, I didn’t think that I needed to see her *immediately.* There would be time, I thought, to get a bite to eat or have tea or for me to show her around the darkroom so that she could get reacquainted with the old-fashioned darkroom techniques she had once known so well.

It didn’t occur to me that we might not ever have a chance to meet.

She passed away yesterday (Tuesday), August 3rd. I’m saddened and stunned by her passing. I am glad that she was able to die among friends and loved ones rather than locked away from her community in what passes for a prison medical center.

Rest in Peace Marilyn. You were an inspiration and an encouragement and I’m honored to have known you.

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