Boy Bands Have Won Finalist in IAP’s Best CDs of 2008

Chumbawamba The Boy Bands Have Won CD

Indie Accoutic Project Finalist 2008

The Boy Bands Have Won was selected as a finalist in the Indie Acoustic Project’s “Best CDs of 2008” awards in the Best Lyrics category.  The selection process was both heartening and difficult:the  IAP was privileged to experience multitudes of outstanding CDs, but were only able to award recognition to the top 45 (3 CDs in each of 15 categories).

They have listed the finalists on their website at, and will be sending out press releases announcing the finalists within a week. The winners in each category will be selected and announced by April 30, and award certificates will be mailed by June 1st.

With The Boy Bands Have Won, Chumbawamba are back, armed with acoustic guitars, accordion and trumpet, five-part harmonies, a bucketful of attitude and a new 25-track album.

Chumbawamba began with a mission to be interesting and arresting, to be literate and understanding. The new album is a collection of such ideas; some are just passing thoughts, others are fully-formed songs. The album is gentle and warm in tone, but caustic in intent…The album features guests the OysterBand, Roy Bailey, Robb Johnson, Barry Coope and Jim Boyes… and a hundred others, give or take a few…


1. When An Old Man Dies
2. Add Me
3. Words Can Save Us
4. Hull Or Hell
5. El Fusilado
6. Unpindownable
7. I Wish That They’d Sack Me
8. Word Bomber
9. All Fur Coat And No Knickers
10. Fine Line
11. Lord Bateman’s Motorbike
12. A Fine Career
13. To A Little Radio
14. (Words Flew) Right Around The World
15. Sing About Love
16. Bury Me Deep
17. You Watched Me Dance
18. Compliments Of Your Waitress
19. Rip RP
20. Charlie
21. The Ogre
22. Refugee
23. Same Old Same Old
24. Waiting for the Bus
25. What We Want


We should be grateful for the Chumbas. Moving on from that anarchic post-punk phase and the bestselling single “Tubthumping”, they have eased across to the folk scene and reinvented themselves yet again—this time as a classy, low-key harmony band writing inventive, intelligent songs.” —Robin Denselow, The Guardian (UK)

Product Details:

Artists: Chumbawamba
Studio: PM Press/Trade Root
Released: June 2008
ISBN: 978-1-60486-027-6
UPC:  877746000621
Format:  Audio CD
Length: 49 Minutes
Package: 5.5 by 5.5
Subjects: Music, Folk

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