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Cook Food: A Manualfesto for Easy, Healthy, Local Eating

Review: Cook Food by Lisa Jervis

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Cook Food is for you if: you love feminist pop culture, you love food, you want to learn more about sustainable eating, you’re on a budget, you’re vegan-curious, or you just need some cheap, easy, and healthy recipes.

I was so excited to see Cook Food posted on some great vegan food blogs lately. The back story is that the author, Lisa Jervis, is none other than the founding editor of Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, a magazine going strong today. The reviews in the front of the book are written by a veritable who’s who of feminism, veganism, and great fiction writers.

Cook Food is divided into multiple sections that, when combined, create a full-spectrum sourcebook. Jervis explains her philosophy, does a Q & A, shares recipes, and offers a great list of resources to use when embarking on healthier, more sustainable, and enjoyable eating. Cook Food initially struck me as less than the best recipe book for experienced cooks, as the dishes are all fairly basic, but upon closer examination, this seasoned vegan found lots of dishes with new twists that I can’t wait to try.

Get Cook Food for yourself, friends, and family. Jervis writes in a conversational tone that eases any apprehension about uppity health-nut propaganda. She explains that she works towards veganism for health reasons, but doesn’t begrudge anyone a favorite non-vegan food in moderation. She allows for the fact that we each have different tastes and access to different resources, but insists that everyone can upgrade to healthier eating in individual ways. Cook Food claims to be a “manualfesto for easy, healthy, local eating,” and after reading it, I’d have to say the author has done an exceptional job making good on the message she set out to send.

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