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Why Pundits Cannot Discuss the Occupy Movement

By Barry Graham

As the movement that began with Occupy Wall Street continues to spread nationwide, media commentators and political hacks show that they don’t understand what is happening. I don’t mean that they are confused, or not entirely getting it; I mean that they actually have no idea what is going on. It is so beyond their ken that they don’t have a political/philosophical language with which to discuss it.

Occupiers are criticized for having no unified ideology, no specific common demands or goals. Their critics are like dinosaurs trying to understand computers. They are unable to comprehend any approach other than the hierarchical one they have been conditioned to see as the only possibility, and so they cannot understand a movement that comes together to discuss and decide upon its goals, rather than gathering around a pre-set dogma.  They seek to label because they seek to control, but they can find no labels that will stick to this movement. Their reality is failing them, and so they are afraid.

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