Radical Noir: 26 Activist Crime Novels: Revolutionaries, Agitators, and Organizers in Crime Fiction

Crime Reads
May 1st, 2018

This may be the strangest item on this list, given this short story collection’s…variable…subject matter. Part of PM Press’ hard-boiled and socially engaged Switchblade imprint, Send My Love and a Molotov Cocktail! (SMLAAMC!) contains a number of activist-oriented tales, including “Orange Alert,” by Summer Brenner, in which an act of civil disobedience is planned by a group of radical retirees, and “Murder…Then and Now,” by Penny Mickelbury, a tale of revenge against an FBI informant decades after a black revolutionary organization is torn apart by the spy in their midst. And then, there’s the wacky novella “Gold Diggers of 1977” by Michael Moorcock, wherein his staple character Cornelius and co. somehow come into conflict with the Sex Pistols’ manager, all set to a raging punk soundtrack.

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