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Against Doom: A Climate Insurgency Manual

By Geoff Willmetts
April 19th, 2017

Jeremy Brecher’s book ‘Against Doom: A Climate Insurgence Manual’ is a short but important read. If you have any interest in climate change but needed current data in your hands or even to pass the book to others to read then this easily qualifies.

Some information can be inferred. Take the recent American presidential campaign where none of the candidates were asked what they were going to do about the climate problems. No wonder Trump is doing what he pleases, cutting funding and putting restoring the environment back for many years. This is also in odd contradictory as more than two-thirds of Americans want more not less climate control. Far worse even because doing the right thing will actually cost a lot less. Even the US Senate is in favour so hopefully they might raise their argument with Trump from economic reasons. Part of Brecher’s argument is passive protest will make people notice and keep climate change in the news than let it slip down in the news.

It’s a shame that Brecher only focuses on American concerns instead of drawing all comparisons to concern and numbers across the world. He does mention some of the world-wide passive protests although I can’t recall the one that happened in Wales.

Surprisingly, Evangelist Christians tend to prefer to ignore climate change in their beliefs. Can they think God doesn’t need human help to sort this problem out? After all, I doubt if any deity is going to come forward and say anything on the subject.

This book will make you think. Although I think Brecher could have continued the arguments laid down here, I think he laid down the important reasons that climate change can’t be ignored and will make you more aware of what is going on around you.

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